Serina Oh

Boarding – Seoul, South Korea


Dining hall food: Roasted chicken
Way to spend time: Hanging out with friends, reading books, and crafting
Books: Everything, Everything, Nicola Yoon, and The Fault in our Stars, John Green
Place to be alone on campus: The second floor of the library
Place to be with friends: On the Quad or fields, or in common rooms
Hobby: Fiber arts, and taking nice photos!
CA tradition: No clapping in chapels
Thing about CA: One very common thing about CA that you immediately notice is that everyone is so nice!
Academic interests: Humanities
Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groups: WOCA (Women of Color Alliance) and Woolpack
Arts: Fiber arts
Athletics: JV basketball, volleyball

What class or teacher has made the biggest impact on you?

My English teacher Ayres Stiles Hall and his whole class have made the biggest impact on me, for various reasons. To start off, I became more open and responsive to others and their comments. In addition, I soon began to participate in discussions and prompts Ayres gave, and I often found myself not being shy or embarrassed about what I was saying, because there’s no right and wrong in English. Because of this, I’ve become more and more confident in what I say, rather than keeping all those thoughts in my head.

What has been your most interesting project or assignment?

My most interesting project during my CA career was during a visual arts class. The class was called Fiber Arts: Color on Cloth. Overall, the class was about finding and exploring different textures, patterns, and colors in cloth. In the project, we made a quilt that was sewn and made out of different rectangles and squares with contrasting colors and patterns. It was extremely interesting, because although you may feel lost imagining what your overall quilt will look like, once I put in all my effort and thought about each rectangle/square piece of cloth and dyed it with its appropriate color and pattern, and later sewed them all together, the end result was dazzling, and each piece seemed to be related to the others.

What advice do you have for an incoming student?

My advice for a new, incoming student is to explore various fields of activities, ranging from academics to arts and athletics. You never know what you will find joy in, so it’s better to try out new and interesting activities!