Mira LaRocca

Day – Concord, Mass.

What do you like most about Concord Academy?

The community. The amazing friends I’ve made and brilliant faculty I’ve learned from are the reasons I love CA. When I entered CA freshman year, I was shocked by how many friendships crossed grades. I play field hockey, and I quickly got to know the upperclassmen on my team. I would advise incoming students to try out for a sports team or join a new club because CA has some amazing people and putting yourself out there is the easiest way to meet everyone! CA is the perfect place to try something new so get involved in as many community events as you can. In addition to my friends, the faculty I’ve met at CA have all helped shape the student I am today. This past year, my Sophomore year, both of the history teachers pushed me through their expectations for the quality of my writing. While at the time these classes were among the most difficult I had taken, these teachers always offered their help, and in the end helped me become a better writer and student. This is just one example of how the teachers at CA invest in their students. Without all of the amazing faculty and staff, CA would not be the place I love so much.

The best class I’ve take at CA has been…

It’s hard for me to decide on one class that I enjoyed the most so far at CA. In my experience the hardest classes you’re taking, while they may stress you out at some points throughout the semester or year, are the most rewarding. Freshman year Biology was arguably my hardest class. Because of its difficulty I invested the most time and effort I possibly could into my work. While at times the hard work was exhausting, because I invested in the class I came away with a deeper understanding and love for the subject. Now in Junior year, not only is my former Biology teacher my advisor, but I also I plan to take Advanced Biology. Ad Bio is a class I know will certainly push me, but I also know because of the amazing support system of friends and faculty at CA that I will endure the work and learn a whole lot. My advice to incoming students is to take the classes you know will test you academically, while it may be hard, you will be so glad you pushed yourself.

Why did you choose CA?

The opportunities. Honestly, when I was a prospective student I had no idea what I was looking for in high school. What struck me about CA was the variety of academic, artistic and extracurricular opportunities. All four years at CA you get to choose what history you want to learn about. My freshman year I took Civilizations through Art and Islam in South Asia while sophomore year I took Early Modern European Revolution and U.S. Immigration. Having the freedom to learn about what you’re interested in is a privilege most high school students don’t get. In addition to history, as a Junior and Senior you get to choose your own English classes. As a CA student you have a very flexible and customized schedule. While many people take five majors you can double up in one type of class or even add a sixth major. It is also very easy to fit in arts into your schedule at CA. Most art classes are minors and are one semester long. Having an art class mixed into you schedule is often a pleasant relief from academics. Outside of classes, CA has three seasons of sports and over 60 clubs to choose from. While you will no doubt be busy at CA, the opportunity to try new things and be involved in everything I cared about was the ultimate reason I chose CA.