Melanie Chen ’21

Day Student, Needham, MA

What are you involved in at CA?

I am a proud head tour guide; co-head of the CA Buddies program; volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse team member; cellist in the Chameleon Chamber Players; and co-head of Ceramics Club!

Why did you choose CA?

As soon as I entered the P.A.C. at the beginning of my revisit day, I was greeted by cheers and whistles from enthusiastic CA students. They were warm and overwhelmingly welcoming; I couldn’t help but stare in awe at the energy created by this community. Throughout my revisit day, I learned more about how the school functioned, each aspect making me more and more excited to envision myself as a student. I loved experiencing my first “Music Monday,” observing the way teachers care about their students, and even the soft serve I got the chance to taste during lunch. The happiness I felt that day and have felt throughout my past four years at CA is incomparable to anything I felt before.

How would you describe common trust?

To me, common trust is mutual respect and empathy, which every member of the CA community actively works to uphold every day. Whether it is calling teachers by their first names or engaging in conversation with someone who brings another perspective, common trust permeates CA’s environment and every experience you have as a student.

What is the best class you’ve taken at CA and why?

I loved the history class I took in my junior spring, Modern China. This was a class I had heard so much about as an underclassman and looked forward to taking. Without a doubt, it surpassed my expectations, sparking a newfound interest in understanding the similarities and differences between a distinct nation and culture.