Lucian Sharpe ’20

Day – Concord, Mass.

Why did you chose CA?

Why did I choose CA? I chose CA because of how the school’s rich and accepting community stood out. Through my tour of the school and talking to other students, it was clear how strong and serious the Academics at CA are, but it was the people and their attitudes that made me choose CA. On my tour I loved the idea of common trust and how it brought the school together. After being at CA for two years I can say that common trust is present in all aspects of life at Concord. However, it was the student body, the ones who make common trust real that made me choose CA and love it.

Name something you’ve tried for the first time at CA. How was that experience?

Up until the beginning of sophomore year I had never played an instrument. I did not consider myself musically inclined and I was intimidated by the many talented musicians at CA. However, this all changed my sophomore year when I decided to try something new and learn piano. I signed up for IMI (Individual Music Instruction) and got started. Learning a new instrument was not easy. I was often discouraged in the beginning by the sound of my peers practicing. However, the strong encouragement from both my friends, teachers and advisor, made taking that step into the unknown, both exciting and engaging. Which is why I continue to play piano today.

What do you like most about Concord Academy?

My favorite aspect about Concord Academy is the teachers. With small class sizes teachers can involve the class and individuals more, creating a strong learning environment. All Concord Academy teachers want to work with students to help them achieve academic and individual success. But beyond all of that, they come to class radiating their love to teach. Through my freshman and sophomore year I have created strong bonds with my teachers and have been both inspired and interested alike.