Liat Tesfazgi ’20

Day – Somerville, Mass.

 My music/art involvement includes…

At CA, my music/art involvement consists of dance. For the past two years I have been a part of the Dance 4 program, which works to train advanced students in mostly ballet and modern. For my junior year I will be joining a new Dance course offered at CA called Dance Project, which allows students the space to choreograph and design a dance show collaboratively, while continuing to train in a much wider range of dance styles.

Why did you chose CA?

I was drawn to CA because of its atmosphere — I loved the sense of community that was clearly integral to the school both socially and academically. I was impressed by the close and highly valued bond that students were able to make not just with each other, but also with teachers. This was important to me because I was someone who had applied to many schools, and I was simply searching for an environment where I could best be myself.

Where is your favorite spot on campus?

The Upper Stufac is most definitely my favorite spot on campus because it is so multifaceted. By simply sitting on the plush couches of the Upper Stufac, you have the ability to eat, sleep, do homework, hangout with friends, meet with an adult, or simply watch Netflix — all in one place! It also doesn’t isolate you, the proximity to other circles of couches allows you to branch out and sometimes interact with people you may have never really spoken to.