Haley Wixom ’20

Day – Concord, Mass.

What does Common Trust mean to you?

To put it simply: Common Trust is the mutual respect between students, teachers, and administration. Common Trust is a part of everything we do. Students can leave their belongings around campus without worrying about them being stolen or broken, seniors give chapels without an administrative review, students are a part of the disciplinary committees, the list goes on. If you were to ask Concord Academy students or faculty why they do something in a certain way, chances are there’s some connection to Common Trust.

Where is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the Student Faculty Center or stufac. It functions as both a dining hall and lounge. I love the stufac because it’s the center of campus activity. There are always people eating, working, or hanging out. It’s where students gather first thing in the mornings before chapel or announcements and where I eat dinner or do homework before heading home for the evening.

What do you do at CA?

One of my favorite things about CA is the tremendous amount of activities students are able and encouraged to pursue. Personally, I ski on the ski team, play on the lacrosse team, am involved in theater, cohead the data analytics club, am a head tour guide, and I sing in chorus and in a student lead group.