Gabby Ruberto ’21

Day Student, Arlington, MA

What are you involved in at CA?

I’m involved in several of the a cappella groups at CA: Chameleons (coed), Cabaret (musical theater) and Pitches, CA’s female-identifying a cappella group, of which I am a co-head. I’m also in Vocal Jazz and Pop, a select group of singers that perform with a band each year. I’ve participated in the Chamber Ensemble and take both viola and voice lessons. Since my freshman year, I’ve also done basketball and track and field, and I decided to try soccer this fall. (Fun fact: CA has pole vaulting!) I’m also a co-head of our German and Spanish clubs, and a head tour guide! 

Why did you choose CA?

I was really excited to find a community where I felt I could be myself and connect with people regardless of academic or extracurricular interests. I also knew I was looking for a school where I would be able to pursue music as well as my athletics, and CA really encourages students to participate in different departments. 

How would you describe common trust?

To me, common trust is the little things that you learn to take for granted at CA, like being able to make up a test you missed on your own time, or leaving all of your stuff in the library to go grab coffee off campus. Common trust is a value that I think fundamentally shapes the energy and attitude of everyone in the CA community, whether we always realize it or not. 

What is the best class you’ve taken at CA and why?

I absolutely loved my U.S Food Politics class. It was a history research seminar where everyone in the class got to pick their own food and write a roughly 12-page paper on it after extensive research. I loved the process of figuring out what research techniques worked for me, and while I never thought I’d write such a long paper, the feeling of accomplishment afterward was amazing.