Cindy Bao

Boarder – Beijing, China


Dining hall food: Breakfast for dinner
Way to spend time: Chilling in Haute Coffee or Priscilla Candy Shop
Book: Brave New World, Veronica Roth
Place to be alone on campus: The second floor of the library
Places to be with friends: The quad, in the common rooms in boarding houses, and in the SHAC
Hobby: Boxing
CA tradition: Senior chapels — these provide opportunities to get to know your seniors and be inspired by their experiences at CA.
Thing about CA: The community!
Academic interests: Humanities, math/sciences
Student leadership, clubs, and affinity groups: Youth in Philanthropy, yearbook, Asian Students Association (ASA)
Arts: Ceramics, fiber arts
Athletics: Volleyball and softball

What memorable experience have you had outside the classroom?

I remember that during orientation, the new students and orientation leaders all went on a trip to Boston. We first took the Alewife Shuttle that the school provided, then the Red Line of MBTA subway from Alewife to Harvard Square. We blasted music on the bus, got off at Alewife, arranged ourselves according to houses, and went on an adventure of finding subway cars that would actually fit 30 people. Our house then headed towards Sweetgreens and got harvest bowls, and later we were joined by other houses at Pressed Juicery, where all soft serve flavors were sold out except for matcha, which ended up with all of us intending to try it. The trip to me felt as if I had known these people for years and this was just a girls’ night out on a Friday evening. I was completely submerged in my sense of excitement. The entire experience was something I have never imagined — it extended beyond the box I had drawn around myself and went beyond anything I expected of high school life.

What advice do you have for an incoming student?

CA is a place where you have the opportunity to express yourself in any way you want. Be open-minded and ready to experiment! You will find many opportunities to try something new or continue your hobbies, and believe me, CA has the capacity to not only support interests of yours that already exist but also to allow students to learn, grow, and be who they wish to be.