Charlie Apolinsky ’22

Boarding Student, Atlanta, GA

Kelly Zhang poses for their headshots during the " Annual Head Tour Guide Photoshoot" outside the Chapel on Sep. 13, 2021.

What are you involved in at CA?

Soccer, Sailing, Squash, Robotics Club, Science Club, Peer Tutoring, Math Club, Head of House, Disciplinary Committee

Why did you choose CA?

I chose CA because of the overwhelming sense of community. Everyone clearly cared for each other and students seemed to be constantly supported and encouraged by their peers and teachers.

How would you describe common trust?

Common Trust is the thing that allows us to confide in a peer we just met, ask for help in front of the entire class, take risks without fear of embarrassment.

What is the best class you’ve taken at CA and why?

One of my best classes was Accelerated Physics because I was constantly pushed and learned to view the world with a new understanding of the fundamental laws and rules. It really was a class where everything I learned could be applied.

What is your favorite boarding memory or tradition?

I really love housefood (weekly Saturday 11 PM treats prepared by the House Faculty) because it is a terrific time to bond with your housemates and the families that help keep the house running. Plus the food is excellent!

What is on your CA Bucket list?

 The obvious is my senior Chapel, but I also really want to host a cross-school spikeball tournament.

Advice to prospective students?

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to be wrong.

Share a moment where you knew you belonged at CA.

My first year at CA when everytime I would go into the Stufac a new friendly face would ask how I was doing.