Anna Sander

Day Student – Lincoln, Mass.

Why did you choose CA?

I chose CA mainly for the wide range of demanding class choices and for the supportive culture. I was really excited to take so many elective classes in English and history and to have the option of doubling up in areas I’m especially interested in, like foreign languages and science. At CA, I loved the option of crafting my schedule to focus on classes I especially want to take. I also admired that, while everyone challenges themselves, there is no competition between students. Instead, students would much rather collaborate, and there is always music playing and people joking around.

Name something you’ve tried for the first time at CA. How was that experience?

My freshman year, I showed up at volleyball tryouts having never even seen a volleyball before! I jumped into the sport through the JV team and found the most supportive teammates and coaches. Almost none of us had played before, and everyone was committed to learning as much as possible and also having a blast. We ended up having one of the best JV records in the league! I returned to the sport sophomore year and was thrilled to be one of the co-captains of JV. I love that, at CA, trying new things is not only expected but also encouraged. I am now in my third season of the sport and still having as much fun as freshman year.

The best class I’ve taken at CA has been…

I took Native American History with Ed Rafferty during the first semester of my freshman year. On top of learning the history of American indigenous people, Ed also focused the class on exploring how history is told through the eyes of the victors. He taught us to pay specific attention to biases in primary sources and to open ourselves up to non-traditional methods of recording history, like Native American origin stories. Even though I generally prefer studying STEM subjects, this class and Ed’s amazing teaching inspired me to more fully appreciate studying the past.