Anna Dormitzer

Day Student – Wellesley, Mass.

What are you involved in at CA?

I am a co-head of Science Club, the lead photographer for the Centipede (CA’s student newspaper), a peer tutor, a member of varsity Alpine ski team and varsity girls lacrosse, and a peer mentor, which means I teach a section of Freshman Seminar.

Why did you choose CA?

I chose CA because of the people. I have always been a person who thrives in tight-knit communities, and I have most certainly found that in CA, to a larger extent than I could have imagined. As soon as I stepped on campus for the first time, I knew that this was a place I could call home, and it’s the members of the community that made that true. The individuals, whether faculty, staff, or students, at CA are some of the kindest, most passionate, caring, thoughtful, and intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. CA is the perfect place to explore what you love and to try new things in an environment that is there to support you. I have never once regretted my decision to come to CA, and the school proves to me every day how wonderful it is.

How would you describe common trust?

I would describe common trust as the mutual empathy between faculty, staff, and students. It is the understanding that we are all at CA to grow, to learn, to make mistakes, to find another home, and to explore what we love. Common trust promotes an environment where these attributes can thrive. Whether it be the tangible examples of common trust like the backpacks in the MSL or calling teachers by their first names, or the more metaphoric trust of extended campus and chapels, common trust extends to all branches of CA life and helps shape the CA students into the wonderful individuals they all are.

What is the best class you’ve taken at CA and why?

Human Evolutionary Biology! I loved this class so much, because it helped me understand why humans are the way they are and see that there is an evolutionary explanation behind every phenomenon. In HEB, we had the opportunity to walk like different species who have different levels of bipedalism to study the evolution of obligate bipeds, we got to watch Pride and Prejudice to study social hierarchies, and we got to watch videos of animals learning and exhibiting innate empathy. Seeing these minute pieces of natural beauty opened my eyes to the world around me and made me fall in love with the idea of innate empathy. Also, Andrea is awesome, and her passion for HEB is absolutely contagious.

What is on your CA bucket list?

I want to attend a Dinner Documentary, [a film series teacher Ben Stumpf ’88 organizes]. I’ve never done that before. (I don’t know how!)