CA students took two-day experimental courses from Tuesday, March 7, to Friday, March 10, 2017 in order to engage with different topics that they would not be able to learn about during their normal school days. Forty-two different courses were offered during Spring Session, each introducing unique ideas to the students. The video below shows some of the courses from this year’s spring session!

Additionally, as part of a two-day course on reporting called Live From Spring Session, Ashley Kim ’19, David Korn ’19, and Izzy Charles ’19 got a crash course in journalism basics, then went straight out into the field. Armed with smartphone cameras and reporters’ notebooks, they saw classes in action, interviewed students and faculty, and wrote articles on a real-world deadline. Read some of their coverage of Spring Session below:


“Introduction to the Game Theory, taught by math instructor Mark Engerman, aimed to help students make smart choices. ‘Game theory is the field of strategy where each player’s outcome is determine by what others do,’ Engerman says. ‘Application includes politics, economics, law, biology, and others.’

He introduced the core concept of this course, Nash Equilibria, through a series of written problems. ‘Many things in the world involve game theory,’ said Engerman. ‘I want to show students that there are more to math than just Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus.’

Many students struggled at first with the new concept, but they soon got comfortable with it and could use it in game simulations. ‘Nash Equilibria is a very interesting idea because as soon as you get it, it allows you to understand other people’s strategies and makes the rest of the course easier,’ said Audrey Renouf ’19.”

Written by Ashley Kim ‘19


All About Spring Session 2017
Math instructor Mark Engerman teaching students how to create “Nash Equilibria” by using the chart during Introduction to Game Theory course.


All About Spring Session 2017 1
Owen Elton ’19 and August Pokorak ’19 solving different problems of Nash Equilibria.


All About Spring Session 2017 2
Tim First ’20 helping Matthew Gainsboro ’20 with Nash Equilibria problems.


All About Spring Session 2017 3
Yury Namgung ’17 listening to Mark’s explanation of one of the problems.


All About Spring Session 2017 4
Anna Dibble ’18, Yury Namgung ’17, and Audrey Renouf ’19 discussing the solution of the Nash Equilibria problem.


“‘Eating. That is what Ed Rafferty, history teacher and a creator of the Spring Session course The Art of Smoke, said he was most excited about in regards to his class.

The four day course focuses on the history, preparation, cooking, and smoking of various meats. First, students are digging their own barbecue pit in the backyard of Lee House. Then, they will prepare dishes ranging from Koobideh, an Iranian lamb kebab with saffron rice, to the more familiar Kansas City burnt ends.

Students describe the experience as hands-on and interactive — and different from the normal school day. Daniel Reden ‘20 said, ‘It’s a lot of handywork… you’re out here doing the dirty work.’ Jake Pine ‘19 added, ‘We don’t normally dig a hole, nor do we eat during class.'”

Written by David Korn ‘19

All About Spring Session 2017 12
The Art of Smoke


“In the spring session course Learning to play Bridge, math instructor Howie Bloom shared a favorite hobby with students, who enjoyed the chance to learn a new game.

‘I am offering this course because this is something I knew well to teach and is a life skill to remember longer than remembering math,’ Bloom said.

Students say they like the relaxed pace and the chance to learn a new game. For Colin Rioux ’17, getting to play games all day long and get to work with different people as a team were the best parts of this course.

Physics instructor Brian Potter-Racine was also part of the class. ‘Bridge is something everyone can learn without any stress,’ said Potter-Racine. ‘It gives smoother transition from school to spring break.’

As students grew more comfortable with the game, Bloom suggested a tournament and promised a milkshake to the winner. Students cheered.”

Written by Ashley Kim ‘19


All About Spring Session 2017 8
Colin Rioux ’17, Sarik Goyal ’17, and science instructor Brian Potter-Racine having a conversation while waiting for Zach Yedidia ’17 to choose the trump card.


All About Spring Session 2017 9
Thomas Teunissen ’19, Sam Breault ’19, Sam Banks ’19, and Annie Lubin ’19 practicing playing Bridge during Learning to Play Bridge course.


All About Spring Session 2017 10
Sarik Goyal ’17, and science instructor Brian Potter-Racine and Colin Rioux ’17 waiting for Zach Yedidia ’17 to take turn in playing Bridge.


See more photos of other courses during spring session in our full gallery.

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