Refreshed Visual Identity 2
Concord Academy – Haines House Seal

In preparing for CA’s centennial in 2022, the administrative staff has been working with input from faculty, board members, students, and alumnae/i on ensuring that the school’s brand is as clear and as strong as it can possibly be. Central to this effort has been the belief that CA’s history as an independent school is distinctive, and that we should plan for our future by reinforcing the values and identity of our past. To that end, CA unveiled a refreshed version of the Haines House seal this fall.

This seal represents CA’s first building, one that has housed classrooms, a dining hall, and residences throughout its long and storied history. The seal itself is an updated version of the logo CA used on its earliest diplomas and admissions pamphlets. The newest version of the seal will complement the chameleon, the school’s long-standing mascot.

Watch a video of the Haines House seal over time below.