Red and Blue Day 2019 - Concord Academy
Red and Blue Day 2019 2

Red and Blue Day 2019 1

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The tradition continues! Last spring, Concord Academy revived Red and Blue Day, an afternoon of friendly field day competition and a welcome change of pace as the end of the school year nears. This year’s surprise announcement came on May 3, one of many overcast spring afternoons. Students played games of cornhole and Spikeball, ran sponge bucket relays and three-legged races on the fields, played dodgeball in the SHAC, and roamed the campus in a scavenger hunt. After a light drizzle became a harder rain, everyone headed into the gym, where students took turns cheering for their teams and faced off in the final contests of the day: several rounds of rock, paper, scissors and tug-of-war. At the end of the afternoon, with a 10-point lead, the blue team carried the day. Many thanks to Student Head of School Ananya Pani, Student Vice Head of School Owen Elton, and Student Council for their efforts over more than a month to plan the event, and to all the faculty and staff who contributed.

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