Photos and Recap of Fall Mainstage Production: Antigone - Concord Academy
Opening Night for Fall Mainstage Production: Antigone 2

Fall Mainstage Production: Antigone 25

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CA Performing Arts Department proudly presents Antigone!

by Sophocles, translated by Brendan Kennelly
directed by Megan Schy Gleeson

General admission tickets: $15
Contact Jessica Cloutier-Plasse for ticket information.

What is an individual life in the scheme of larger ideals, or the power of love in the face of hostility? A heated battle between Antigone, daughter of the cursed house of Oedipus, and her uncle, King Creon, rips apart the very fabric of family. Young Antigone flies beyond the bounds of her gender and age to do what she thinks is right for her family. Creon defiantly defends the law of the land that he thinks is right for the greater good of all. Sophocles writes on relevant and shockingly timely themes, asking us all to consider difficult moral questions that, as seen in this play, prove devastating in the end.

The Cast

Antigone: Sasha Rechler
Ismene: Jordie Hurley
Annie Farnsworth
Jordie Hurley
Lex Jiganti
Abby Nicholson
Audrey Renouf
Chiara Ruberto
Diana Sanchez
Haley Wixom
Creon: Hamilton Sawczuk
Guard: Abby Nicholson
Creon’s Guards: Annie Farnsworth & Lex Jiganti
Haemon: Ali Sheikh
Tiresias: Jake Byers
Messenger: Audrey Renouf
Eurydice: Jane Lindstrom
Attendant: Chiara Ruberto

Artistic Design

Scenic Design: Janie Howland
Lighting Design: David Wilson
Costume Design: Elisabetta Rocha
Music: Peter Warren & Matt Samolis
Sound Design: Ned Singh
Props Design: Lisa Guild
Technical Director: Robert Dew
Production Manager: Jessica Cloutier-Plasse

The Crew

Stage Manager: Annie Lubin
Assistant Stage Manager: Charlotte Ko
Costume Assistant: Charlotte Cattaneo
Light Board Operator: Elliot White
Sound Board Operators: Caroline Hillier & Liam Yanulis
Poster Design: Audrey Renouf