News and Events from the C&E Office

On Thursday, April 6, Ayres Stiles-Hall and Laura Twichell of the Community and Equity team presented “No Silver Bullet: Concord Academy’s Multifaceted Approach to Assuring Equity and Access for All Students” at the National Partnership for Equity and Access conference in Boston. Their presentation discussed the constellation of programs and initiatives at Concord Academy — including those that serve all students, those that support students with specific identities, and those that engage faculty and staff, families, and alumnae/i — that we use to work towards providing equitable CA experiences for all students.

On Sunday, April 9, the Community and Equity office sponsored five students to attend the 2017 Asian American Footsteps conference at Phillips Andover. Jerry Liang ’17, Stanley Zheng ’17, Shelly Liu ’20, Charmaine Ko ’20, and Charlotte Ko ’20 attended this day-long event where students who identify as Asian, Asian American, and mixed-heritage explored issues specific to their experiences. Speakers such as the 2010 Brooklyn Poet Laureate Tina Chang and social justice educator and consultant Rosetta Lee offered workshops on topics such as the model minority myth, navigating micro-aggressions, and exploring Asian and Asian American experiences in independent schools. The students left feeling inspired and motivated to create positive change in our community!

Additionally, 13 students will attend the AISNE HS Student of Color Conference at Worcester Academy April 22–23. Both of these conferences are exciting opportunities for students to develop deeper understandings of their racial identities and of the society we live in.