Main Street Revitalization 1

One of the things that sets CA apart from peer schools is how deeply it is embedded in the Concord community. Facing onto Main Street and comprising a number of historic homes once inhabited by Henry David Thoreau, a Supreme Court justice, and other distinguished families, Concord Academy is a living part of the historic fabric of Concord. With the Main Street revitalization project, CA has begun to invest in the school’s outward-facing facade in ways that will make it both more sustainable and historically accurate.

Enhancements to lighting and landscaping, interconnected house lawns, upgraded safety measures, and a welcoming campus entrance have improved the living and learning experience. Work began on this project last fall, through a public-private partnership with the Town of Concord to install LED shepherd’s crook lamps along Main Street and to replace the sidewalk and add a grass strip, for water absorption and additional greenery. New signs bearing the refreshed Haines House seal now stand proudly at CA’s three gates.

See a slideshow below of the Main Street revitalization process.

Main Street Revitalization