Every year with the arrival of May, we look forward to more access to the quad, to spring sports and arts performances, and to the concluding traditions of the school year.

With much of the spring semester still ahead of us, I know that the 2017–18 year can seem very far away. As you know, we make every effort to tailor students’ schedules to their interests. Doing so accurately takes time, and doing it well takes care. Over the coming weeks, we plan to do both.

Beginning shortly, advisors will work with students to review the credits they have earned and to plan long-term programs that will satisfy both graduation requirements and individual academic interests. Our goal in offering a wide-as-you-can-dream curriculum is to provide each student with courses of depth and breadth. By choosing from these courses, and not taking all of them, they can both specialize and explore within a reasonable course load. We have emphasized to students that it is important for them to consult with you as well. Course request forms are due to the Academic Office by Wednesday, May 3, at 3:15 p.m. Find here Concord Academy’s catalog, a tentative calendar for next year, and other material.

Together with faculty in each department, I will review student course requests as we build the schedules over the summer. Class schedules will be available when it is time to order textbooks from our online bookstore. The online bookstore is scheduled to open in early August (you will receive information about the ordering process over the summer).

Please inform either your child’s advisor or me directly should you have any questions about your child’s course requests for the coming year or about the academic program in general.

I hope this finds you well, enjoying your spring.


John A. Drew
Assistant Head/Academic Dean

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