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Immigration Lawyer Meg Moran P’15, ’18 Speaks to the Legal Complexities Surrounding the Repeal of DACA

On October 26, immigration attorney Meg Moran P’15 ’18 addressed students, faculty, and staff in an assembly about the federal government’s recision of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy. Moran spoke at CA two years ago about the Syrian refugee crisis, and she returned to clarify the national conversation about the divisive topic of DACA.

A staff attorney at the Immigration Legal Advocacy Project in Portland, Maine, and volunteer attorney with the immigration unit of Boston Legal Services and with Graves & Doyle, an immigration law firm in Boston, Moran has worked with people from more than 40 countries, representing victims of human rights violations, asylum-seekers, and individuals pursuing legal immigration status. In the assembly, Moran considered arguments for and against retaining DACA and answered student questions about legal status and the policymaking process. She cited historical precedents of presidents deferring immigration enforcement or granting amnesty entirely, and she illuminated the legal complexities that are affecting the lives of far more than the roughly 800,000 individuals with DACA status — including their undocumented parents and siblings, and in many cases, their own children with U.S. citizenship.

For students looking to get involved locally, Moran highlighted the Boston-based Student Immigration Movement. She also urged students to keep up their language studies, noting that she works with several young interpreters who earn well while making a difference in the lives of families threatened with separation.