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Storytelling Through Film 1

Justin Bull on CA’s film program and the latest feature film


“At its heart, it’s a storytelling program.”

– Justin Bull, film teacher

For CA teacher Justin bull, part of the attraction of filmmaking is its reliance on teamwork among individuals from many fields. He is excited to position Concord Academy’s film program as a collaborative engine for work with other departments. Fundamentally, he says, teaching moviemaking is about creating excellent storytellers, regardless of what graduates go on to do in their careers. In the video below, Bull discusses the goals of the film program and the process of creating the most recent feature-length film, Much Ado About Nothing, a yearlong collaboration with the dance and music programs.


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The previous CA Films feature-length movie, Merge, was a sci-fi thriller about the hive mind and students tampering with nanotechnology. Watch the trailer here.