Friends from the Classes of 2006 and 2011 Reunited at the Fall Reunion

More than 40 alumnae/i from the classes of 2006 and 2011 returned to campus on Saturday, October 22, to reconnect and to see just how much Concord Academy has changed — and stayed the same — five and 10 years after their graduations. The afternoon began with an informal time to catch up in the Ransome Room over a savory buffet lunch, as well as sandwiches and fries from a Roxy’s Grilled Cheese truck parked outside the MAC. Then CA alumnae/i followed Director of Operations Don Kingman through the new Main School Lobby for a top-to-bottom tour of the CA Labs science building.

“Wow, look, are those elephant hoods?” one alumna exclaimed, pointing to the chemistry classroom ventilation setups. Despite some drizzle throughout the afternoon, the entire group took the stairs up to the green roof, where they stepped into the outdoor classroom space and surveyed the campus and town of Concord from a new vantage point.

Friends from the Classes of 2006 and 2011 Reunited at the Fall Reunion 2View more photos from the reunion in our gallery

Following the tour, on the third floor of CA Labs, science teacher John Pickle gave out a round of hugs to former students before convening around 20 of them for a sample of his new class on remote sensing, which he developed and is teaching for the first time this fall. Using light and sound to observe objects without direct contact has opened up new frontiers for exploration, from the human body to outer space. For the reunion, Pickle had set up several stations with tools such as colored filters, water tanks, goggles, mirrors, and lasers to test various properties of light in interaction with matter. His excitement about this real-world science was contagious, and soon alumnae/i were catching up about college, graduate school, and career plans while also having fun testing polarized lenses and examining the changing colors of glass “sunset eggs.”

In the afternoon, to attend the Chandler Bowl, several alumnae/i took shuttle buses to the Moriarty Athletic Campus, which they were visiting for the first time. A fire in the field house kept the chilly afternoon cheerful, as did CA’s win of the cup.

The evening ended in Boston at the Carrie Nation cocktail club, where an even larger group of CA alumnae/i gathered to reminisce and enjoy each other’s company. We were thrilled to see everyone who attended the fall reunion, and we wish you and your classmates well until next time!

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