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Drones offer a spectacular vantage point for photography and video, but regulation in the United States has made for anything but clear flying


In our feature story about commercial drone use, Paul Quimby ’08, cofounder of Converge Industries shares his expertise on U.S. regulation of unmanned aerial vehicles for business — only recently legalized in August 2016. Prior to the latest regulations, he and his business partner headed to Auckland, New Zealand, where commercial drones were welcomed, to conduct flight tests for their building inspection software designed for the insurance industry. Watch some of them below.


A Brief History of U.S. Drone Regulation

Having trouble keeping track of what’s legal and what’s not? You’re not alone. Our timeline of drone regulation in the United States gives context to the long and complicated process that led to the legalization of both recreational and commercial drone use.


Drones at CA

Concord Academy’s DJI Phantom 4 drone was used to document the construction of CA Labs and the reopening of the Quad. Faculty and students have also expressed interest in it for classes, and some students have already gotten into drones on their own. Lucian Sharpe ’20 shared the aerial photos below with us, all taken near Concord, Mass., with his recreational drone.

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