Directors' Workshop Festival Delivers a Great Evening of Theater 4

On April 13 and 14, The Concord Academy Performing Arts Department presented two back-to-back plays in the Directors’ Workshop Festival 2018. The evening of theater directed, designed, and acted entirely by students provided both comedy and heartbreak. View photos of the performances here.

Directors' Workshop Festival Delivers a Great Evening of Theater

Directors' Workshop Festival Delivers a Great Evening of Theater 1

See more images from the performances in our photo gallery.

Stop Kiss

Written by Diana Son, directed by Sasha Rechler ’18

One night, when walking through New York City’s West Village, Sara and Callie share their first kiss, leading to a vicious attack by an angry bystander, and Sara falls into a coma. We witness the relationship blossoming between these two women both before and after the attack. Playwright Diana Son elaborates on the depths of human emotion and how/when to go for what you really want.

The Cast

Callie: Cherilyn Lau ’18
Sara: Kate Simon ’18
George: Mark Morton ’18
Peter: Alexander Sheikh ’19
Detective Cole: Adam Cummings ’19
Mrs. Winsley: Chloe Savage ’18
Nurse: Diana Sanchez ’19

Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche

Written by Evan Linder and Andrew Hobgood, directed by Jordie Hurley ’18

A fast-paced, laugh-out-loud farce, this period piece set in the 1950s features five women who are the officers of the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sister of Gertrude Stein. The distinctly funny “widows” struggle to maintain the decorum of their annual quiche breakfast as it is threatened by Cold War violence. While the play spirals into absurdity, themes of sexuality, family, and unity are brought to the forefront.

The Cast

Ginny Cadbury: Ruby Rechler ’18
Lulie Stanwych: Haley Wixom ’20
Wren Robin: Selina Jiang ’19
Dale Prist: Monica Roy ’18
Veronica “Vern” Schultz: Neta Kafka ’18

Directors’ Workshop Festival Designers and Crew

Production Stage Manager and Stop Kiss Stage Manager: Annie Lubin
Backstage Manager and Five Lesbians Stage Manager: Caroline Eck
Set Designer: Elliot White
Costume Designer: Charlotte Cattaneo
Lighting Designer: Iris Ducker
Sound Designer: Liam Yanulis
Props Designers: Kincaid DeBell and Jhade Harris-Squires
Run Crew and Stop Kiss Stage Manager: Sky Cole
Hair and Makeup: Christina Avakian and Avery Phillips