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2/01/17: The “Serial” Team Is Releasing A New True-Crime Show You’ll Inevitably Binge: Sarah Koenig ’86, the creator of the infamous podcast “Serial” returns to her true-crime roots with a new show, “S-Town”, which will debut in March. Unlike most podcast formats at the moment, all of the episodes will release at once. It’s entirely possible that podcast fans are about to have their first large-scale binging moment.


CA Alumnae/i in the News 12/01/17: This New Dating App Will Find You Someone Who Dislikes All The Same Things: Hater, a new dating app that publicly launches on February 8, flips the script of its competitors and matches people based on things that they mutually dislike. CEO Brendan Alper ’05, a former Goldman Sachs employee who quit to become a comedy writer, says that Hater was initially a sketch idea. “The more I thought about it, the more I thought ‘Hey even though this was a funny idea, it actually makes a lot of sense.'”


CA Alumnae/i in the News 21/19/17: The Bros of Michelle Obama’s Office: When Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention last July, declaring “when they go low, we go high” for the very first time, you could feel the energy, the electricity, in the room. Her staff could feel it, too, including one of her speechwriters, David Cavell ’02, who has officially been dubbed a “bro of Michelle Obama’s Office”.



CA Alumnae/i in the News 31/19/17: Why Should Scientific Results Be Reproducible?: Author Dakin Henderson ’04 is an award-winning filmmaker and student at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education who writes here about reproducibility and what makes science reliable. Henderson has also co-produced a video on this topic.


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