Dear Parents,

Concord Academy provides final reports for your children electronically on the school’s Student Information Portal. These spring semester reports will be available through the Portal starting on Monday, June 19.

Comment reports can be accessed through the Student Information Portal, where you have accessed permission forms and other documents each summer. On the “Person Selected” menu, you will find menu choices for interim comments and final (term) comments. View detailed, click-by-click instructions here. This process will require your computer to have software to view PDF files. If you do not already have that software, you can download it for free.

For members of the class of 2016, I hope that you and your children have a wonderful summer in anticipation of life beyond CA. For all those returning to CA in the fall, I hope you have a restful summer and that you are looking forward to new adventures at CA in the fall.


John Drew
Assistant Head/Academic Dean

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