3D Printing in Action

One of the spring 2016 feature stories — “Will the Revolution Be Printed?” — describes the process of 3D printing, an additive manufacturing technique now being used to create everything from surgical implants to jet engine parts, and yes, cars. The time-lapse videos below should give you a better sense of how that process works.

A 3D-Printed Car

Local Motors, where Alexis Fiechter ’02 oversees product development, recently rolled out a new line of 3D-printed vehicles, beginning with the winner of a community design challenge, called the Swim. Watch a video of the construction of that vehicle below.


3D Printing at CA

Just this spring, Concord Academy acquired a new 3D printer, a LulzBot TAZ 5 — a model more flexible and powerful than the older 3D printer that’s been in use on campus the last two years. Students in the engineering club, DEMONs, can’t wait to see what they can make with it. Until it’s up and running, we can look back to the first 3D-printed object created with CA’s older model last school year. The video was filmed by Ryan Hoff ’17 and edited by Ingrid Apgar ’16.