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Safe Return to CA Advisory Committee

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The “Safe Return to CA” Advisory Committee has been formed in response to the challenges Concord Academy faces in light of a global pandemic, and in the interest of increased transparency and communication in these rapidly-evolving circumstances.

The Advisory Committee will bring together representatives from the broader CA community — faculty, staff, parents, students, and trustees — with the goal of working together in a spirit of common trust to inform and advise school leadership and the Board of Trustees in connection with matters relating to the safe return of students to CA. The Advisory Committee’s recommendations will be advisory in nature, drawing on the expertise and good will of the entire CA community, and will not be binding on school leadership or the Board. The Advisory Committee chair(s) will be appointed by the Board, and will be empowered to form subcommittees and working groups to carry out different aspects of the Advisory Committee’s work. The Advisory Committee will provide periodic (at least monthly) reports to school leadership and the Board during the period of the Advisory Committee’s existence.

Safe Return to CA Advisory Committee

Jennifer Pline P’13 ’15
Ly Tran P’22 ’23

Zahaan Khalid ’21, Student Head of School
Nancy Onyimah ’21, Student Head of Boarders
Sofia Silva ’21, Student Head of Day Students

Faculty and Staff
Topi Dasgupta P’22, History Faculty
Max Hall, Science Faculty
Greg Jutkiewicz, Director of Summer Programs
Wenjun Kuai, Modern and Classical Languages Faculty

Victoria Baeger Daffner, D.M.D. P’23
Amy Goorin Fogelman, M.D. ’93 P’23
Evelynn Hammonds, Ph.D. P’21
Roy Perlis, M.D. P’22 ’24

Harvey Berger, M.D., Trustee
Jon DeSimone P’20, Trustee
Lori Hick P’19 ’22, Trustee and CA Parents President
Karen Liesching P’21, Trustee

Senior Administrators
Don Kingman, Director of Campus Planning and Construction
Alice Roebuck, Director of Advancement and Engagement
Sarah Yeh P’24, Assistant Head and Dean of Faculty

Rick Hardy, Head of School, Dresden Endowed Chair
Fay Shutzer Ph.D. ’65, President, Board of Trustees