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The Concord Pact/Community Expectations

 (Last updated March 3rd)

Concord Pact 

(last updated Feb 9th)

As the Concord Pact states, we each have a responsibility to our own health and the health of others during this pandemic. In order to mitigate risk to the best of our ability, it is essential that health and safety measures are respected and consistently followed by everyone. We will need the cooperation of every member of the community, including families, to help us by following the Concord Pact and the philosophy behind this agreement. Most importantly, this means wearing a mask when inside any building or vehicle other than your own, maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet or more from all individuals not in your immediate family, and avoiding large gatherings.

Making the decision for your child to return to campus for classes and any other in-person campus activities and/or boarding means that you are also agreeing to mitigate your risk for the benefit of your child’s in-person experience. By agreeing to have your child attend in-person activities and classes, individuals and their families are agreeing to establish habits and routines in line with what the school deems appropriate, safe behavior. While all disciplinary policies listed in the Community Handbook and Employee Handbook remain in effect, rule violations pertaining to the COVID-19 protocol may lead to the following process:

  • A violation of the Concord Pact will lead to a conversation with an adult, which could lead to a conversation with the dean of students, parents/guardians, and a formal warning.
  • Repeated or willful offenses from a student will be seen as more severe than forgetful or unintentional missteps. 
  • Any additional violation of the COVID-19 protocol may result in the student being prohibited from campus for a period of time, or indefinitely.

Activities Outside of CA

As we look to grow the population we are bringing onto campus in March, it is important that we emphasize safety and risk mitigation to ensure that CA remains healthy and open. Thus we are asking that students and families who wish to learn and live on campus prioritize that experience. We expect that if day or commuting students are participating in activities outside of CA, that those groups adhere to the guidelines set out in the Concord Pact. We understand that some of our day and commuting students have strong commitments to organizations with different masking and distancing guidelines, and we expect that those students will choose to learn remotely in order to maintain their participation in outside activities.

Weekend Activities

Activities are arranged each weekend to bring together all of our students, whether on campus or remote. Typically there is an activity both Friday and Saturday, mixing remote and in-person events. House faculty also run smaller-scale activities throughout the weekend to promote  house and community connection.


 (Last updated March 3rd)

 We are excited to share that we are moving to a schedule of team sport practice four days per week. Team sports will meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  We are also offering some on-campus P.E. classes that will meet for three hours per week rather than two.  P.E. classes will meet Wednesdays and Fridays; some will also meet on Tuesday. Monday afternoons will be reserved for the music ensembles and IMI programming that have been meeting throughout the year.

The arrival of spring and longer daylight hours allows us to take advantage of outdoor space so that practices can meet more frequently. On Tuesday and Thursday the academic day ends at 3:45 p.m. allowing practices to begin at 4:00 p.m.; Wednesday and Friday practices are able to start earlier at 3:00 p.m. 

We recognize that the Tuesday through Friday athletic schedule differs from the academic schedule of Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The benefits of a Wednesday practice are more time on campus for students (we know that many families appreciate the in-person structure on Wednesday afternoons) and longer practice times. Incorporating Wednesdays also means that the sailing team, which practices off campus, can travel more easily to their practice site and have more practice time. Although the EIL will not be offering a championship format for the spring season, we are looking at how we might offer interscholastic competition on a team-by-team basis, and these events would take place on Wednesdays and Fridays because of the additional time available on those days. In this unusual year, we invite students and families for whom a four-day athletics schedule doesn’t work to contact Reid Young to determine a schedule that will work for students and teams.

See below for additional important updates on spring 2021 athletics:

  • An athletics drop/add period began the week of February 22 via a message posted by the Athletics Department to All_School_FYI and Schoology. It includes a spreadsheet for students to find their spring athletic choice from the enrollment period last May. Students may remain in their original selection or use the survey link within the message to make a new selection.
  • The spring remote and on-campus P.E. offerings/schedule can be found here.
  • Spring team sport offerings/schedule can be found here.
  • Drop-off and pickup times and locations will be provided prior to the first day of on-campus programming, which is March 30.
  • All of the spring on-campus offerings will follow CA athletics COVID-19 risk-mitigation expectations, which are detailed here.
  • CA’s athletic graduation requirement remains in place in 2020–21, with the exception that returning sophomores are permitted to take an independent season.
  • Students are expected to attend their athletic offering of choice and message their coach if they have a conflict. Athletics will be credit/no credit, and students will receive a comment from the coach at the end of the season. Students who choose an on-campus program should have a dependable means of transportation and consider choosing a remote option if they anticipate transportation will be a challenge.
  • A message will be sent to students via their team page and to parents via email by no later than 1:00 p.m. EST if inclement weather causes cancellations of on-campus programming.
  • Note that the Eastern Independent League (EIL) has yet to make a formal announcement, but we expect that once again the league will not be in a position to provide a championship format. This spring however we will assess guidelines from the state, the Concord Department of Public Health, and EH&E to determine whether we can add interscholastic competition.
  • The Mass Bay League (MBL) hopes to provide some sailing race opportunities this spring. More details to come.
  • Students taking remote P.E. offerings should know that they will be moving in the Zoom room. If a remote class requires equipment, CA plans to mail it to you!
  • Team sport tryouts will begin on campus on Tuesday, March 30. Please note that all programs will hold a standard tryout process this spring given interscholastic competitions may be possible. Remote and on-campus P.E. classes will launch the week of April 5. Spring athletics will finish on May 28.


Locker Room Policy for Spring Season

Locker rooms will remain closed during the spring season. Day students should come to school dressed in athletic clothing. Boarding students will change in their own rooms.  


Transportation to the Moriarty Athletic Campus

A shuttle bus will be provided for in-person athletics at the Moriarty Athletic Campus. The shuttle will follow all COVID-19 risk mitigation transportation protocols (reduced capacity, assigned seats, windows open, masks on). Day students who do not drive to campus should use the shuttle to go to the athletic campus on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays but should plan to be picked up by their family from the Moriarty Athletic Campus at the end of the session. Day students practicing at the Moriarty Athletic Campus should go directly to that location on Wednesdays.  

Daily Life On Campus

 (Last updated March 3rd)

Morning Routine for all Students

Wake up, take temperature, complete symptom check on MyMedBot and submit it. 


Packing list:

  • Fully charged laptop/tablet
  • Charger
  • Headphones with microphone
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Mask(s)
  • Hand sanitizer



Remember to dress in layers and bring extra warm clothing. In Concord, spring can bring a variety of weather. Students will have access to heated tents, but in the early spring it will still be important that students bundle up when outside; outdoor time is still recommended whenever possible. Day students attending arts/athletics should come to school dressed to participate in those activities. Boarding houses will remain open during the day, so boarders will be able to change before athletics. Locker rooms are not open at this time.



We know that CA students are accustomed to leaving their belongings everywhere. During COVID-19, students will need to carry their belongings with them through the academic day. We will have a designated place on campus to leave sports equipment. Large instruments can be stored in music lockers (contact to arrange for a music locker). 


Boarding House Access

Boarding houses will be open during the school day to residents of that house only. Boarding students may be in their own rooms during the day between classes or during free blocks. Adult house monitors will be circulating throughout the house.


Free Time

Students are encouraged to spend free time outdoors whenever possible. There will also be indoor and outdoor spaces available on campus for students to use when they are free. Students will be expected to follow physical distancing and masking guidelines in all of these spaces. Room schedules and capacities will be posted so students will know when they are available. Students are permitted to travel to the extended campus, but they must follow all mask and physical distancing guidelines (food can be purchased for takeout only). The approved spaces for students to be during a free block and expectations during that time will be posted throughout campus and communicated with all students.  


Day Student Arrival

Arrival time is dependent on a student’s first class; arrive on campus, chip in, proceed to your first class, and sanitize your space. If you arrive before your first class begins, you may find space outside or in our tents or chip in to a designated spot on campus. Breakfast snacks will be available in the Main School Lobby for day students arriving early. 

Day students should plan to depart campus as soon as possible following their last scheduled activity on campus. Dinner is not provided to day students on most evenings. However, there will be opportunities when day students will be invited to stay for dinner on a Friday evening prior to an on campus event. This will be communicated with the community. Students must follow all guidelines for eating when this option is offered. Club meetings and similar activities will remain virtual, so day students will not remain on campus for any evening commitments. More information will be forthcoming on where day students may wait between the end of their classes and departing campus (if there is a necessary wait or delay prior to pickup). 



If students must ride in a car or on public transportation with people outside their immediate family, they must sanitize frequently, wear a mask at all times, and keep windows down to allow for airflow. Six feet or more of distancing must be adhered to whenever possible. Students should carpool only with the same groups, as each member of any additional group will be considered a close contact should any one student contract the virus. There should be no eating or drinking, as that will not allow for effective mask use.


Quick Link 

Daily schedules


 (Last updated March 3rd)

  • Boarders will be offered a hot meal option for each meal. They can eat their meals in the Stu-Fac, outside more than 6 feet apart from all others, or in their rooms.
  • Day students will have assigned seats in the heated tents. Day students will be asked to eat breakfast prior to arriving on campus.
  • Morning snacks such as Kind bars and fruit will continue to be provided. Snacks must be eaten outside only.

Students need to follow all safety guidelines and signage in the dining hall. All food will be served by a dining hall staff member or in prepackaged containers. The grill/panini area, self-serve beverages, salad bar, and ice cream options will be unavailable until guidance suggests we can resume their use. 

CA will provide lunch for adults and students during the week Due to seating limitations, adults’ lunches will be grab-and-go. Dinner will be available for boarders and community residents. On weekends, dining services will be available for boarders and community residents. Due to space limitations, only adults on duty should eat in the Stu-Fac.  


Dining Hours of Operation

Breakfast (boarders only) 

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 7:00-8:15 a.m. hot breakfast; 8:15-8:50 a.m. continental breakfast

Wednesday: 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. continental breakfast/brunch

Saturday-Sunday (and holidays) : 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. continental breakfast/brunch


Lunch (day and boarding students) 

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 11:30 a.m. – 1:15 p.m. lunch grab-and-go items

Wednesday (boarders only): 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. continental breakfast/brunch

Friday: 11:20 a.m. – 12:50 p.m. lunch grab-and-go items


Dinner (boarders only) 

Monday-Sunday: 5:30-6:30 p.m. hot dinner

Logistics of Physically Distanced Meals

  • Masking: Face masks must be worn by students, faculty, and staff in order to enter the servery and dining hall and should remain on at all times in the dining hall, except while seated and eating.

  • Seating: Boarders will eat in the Stu-Fac, spaced 6 or more feet apart. Day students will be seated at assigned individual desks spaced 6 or more feet apart in tents.  
  • Food service: Serving stations with barriers have been rearranged to support a one-way travel pattern. Signage at eye level and floor decals will reinforce traffic patterns and physical distancing.
  • Food options: Lunch will include both hot and cold options, along with wrapped utensils, napkins, and condiments, and self-serve individual beverages. For boarders, a hot entrée line will serve grab-and-go meals for breakfast and dinner. Options will be available to accommodate all special diets. Snacks, desserts, and condiments will consist of pre-packaged items until guidance changes. We will continue to use recyclable containers and transition to traditional plates and silverware as guidance permits.
  • Lunch shifts: With the increased population, students will need to respect their assigned lunch time and not go to the servery or their assigned lunch space before or after their lunch time to prevent overcrowding.



Kitchen Reconfiguration and Organization

The kitchen and common spaces for dining services staff have been reorganized, with signage promoting physical distancing and individual prep stations 6 feet apart. Employee arrival and departure times are staggered to allow physical distancing and time for health screening and to reduce close contact. Dining services staff are required to be tested weekly, to complete a daily symptom self-screening through the MyMedBot App, and to use the Boardingware app to chip in on campus for contact tracing.


Health and Safety Measures

CA will provide a dining room monitor at all meals to ensure that students are following the safety guidelines. An additional cleaning attendant will provide increased sanitization procedures between and during meals in the dining room; staff will frequently clean and sanitize dining tables, and all other high-touch surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized daily. Serving tables will be cleaned and sanitized every 30 minutes and before starting and at the end of meal distributions. All dining staff will review COVID-19 training standards, including hygiene standards. Product deliveries will be completed by approved vendors, which are screening employees’ health daily before delivering to CA. 

Visitor Policy

 (Last updated March 3rd)

In order to ensure the safety and security of the community at large, Concord Academy is a “restricted campus” until the COVID-19 threat has abated. Only core Concord Academy community members may visit the campus at this time. The core community consists of all students currently attending CA and the adults who support the daily operation of the school, including campus residents and their families. For the foreseeable future we are restricting visitors and shifting to virtual visits, meetings, and gatherings.

Parents of boarding students will be allowed to visit campus to see their child while remaining outdoors and abiding by physical distancing standards and wearing masks. Exceptions for boarding students leaving campus will include certain family emergencies and necessary medical appointments. Visiting families should call the Administrator on Duty (AOD) at (978) 831-2946 upon arrival, and check out when departing.

Parent Space on Campus

We recognize that many parents spend a lot of time driving their children to and from CA for various activities. We heard feedback that parents would appreciate a place to spend time when they have an hour or two between drop-off and pickup, particularly during afternoon athletics. We have identified the Chapel as a place that parents are able to go during these times. Parents are also welcome to use the bathrooms in the Main School Lobby (MSL) when needed. When on campus, please wear your mask and maintain at least 6 feet distance from others.