Healthy Concord COVID-19 Plan

Academic Plan

Academic Priorities & Schedule

(Last updated July 24th)

In designing an academic plan for the fall, we have prioritized the quality of the student experience and equity. All departments have been working together across the summer on new learning methods, student engagement, approaches to assessment, providing feedback, and more.

All of our classrooms will be equipped with enhanced microphones, cameras and related technology to provide a highly immersive learning experience for every CA student. Our goal is to ensure that, whether they are in person or remote, they can have access to the classroom experience. Throughout the summer, faculty have also taken in-depth training on designing coursework for online learning and approaches to teaching that help students make the most of the classroom experience from in person or remote locations.

The 2020-21 schedule is meant to fully support all students in accessing CA’s robust academic programs. The schedule supports CA’s mission-driven work and our focus on equity, love of learning, adult-student relationships, deep learning, purposeful collaboration and creative engagement.

We have reimagined the CA academic schedule with Short Term at Concord, or STAC, a modular-style schedule that allows deep engagement with a few subjects at a time. The STAC model has many benefits, including:

  • Making the most of the common waking hours across our diverse student population and multiple time zones.
  • Helping to mitigate out-of-class time spent on schoolwork and screens.
  • Allowing flexibility for the unique circumstances of learning from home or commuting in new ways.
  • Prioritizing a weekly rhythm that seeks to balance rigor with the ability of students and faculty to meet these expectations throughout the schedule.
  • Offering robust classwork as well as opportunities for connection and rejuvenation.

The STAC model will likely carry through the 2020-21 academic year regardless of CA’s virtual or in-person operational status. If so, the academic year will consist of six, six-week short terms. Elements will include the following:

  • Each student will take three to four classes per STAC in order to cover full academic content in a way that maximizes interaction and engagement.
  • There will be breaks between each STAC to allow for grading and rest.
  • There will be built-in time for advisor meetings, College Counseling Office (CCO) meetings, Individual Music Instruction (IMI), etc.
  • Classes will not meet on Wednesdays. Instead, Wednesdays will feature an X-Block for collaboration, enrichment and planning to foster the meaningful connections between CA students and adults.

See a sample academic schedule below. 

Academic Instruction, Rigor and Grading

(Last updated July 24th)

We are committed to maintaining the academic integrity that CA families have come to expect, while creating a framework that will support all of our students in this unprecedented season. Class attendance will be expected, and we will grade assignments with the same attention to students’ academic and personal growth. We will continue to encourage students to learn deeply, collaborate purposefully and engage creatively with the CA community. 

We also appreciate that the STAC model of educational delivery is different than what students are used to experiencing. We will do everything possible to support every student individually, taking into account their unique gifts, challenges and circumstances.