Healthy Concord

Academic Plan

(Last updated March 3rd)

We are pleased to invite all in-person students to be on campus for classes four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) starting in STAC 5. Since this will be an adjustment to our approach, we will monitor any incidences and spread of illness very closely and pay attention to students’ academic and social experiences. We reserve the right to adjust our approach if needed.

Many of our classrooms have physically distanced capacities lower than our class sizes, so we are being intentional and planful about accommodating in-person students during their classes and free times, as well as during lunch and after school. We will continue to follow our COVID-19 mitigation practices, which respect 6-foot spacing in classrooms and common spaces, in accordance with all COVID-19 compliance guidelines from the Concord Department of Public Health and our partners at EH&E.

To accommodate having all in-person students on campus four days a week, we will assign classes to rooms so as many classes as possible (these will be mostly the smaller classes) will be in rooms that fit the whole class with 6-foot distancing. Larger classes will be split into hybrid schedules, with students either in the classroom or Zooming into class from another location on campus. These “remote” locations are likely to include the tents, the Performing Arts Center (P.A.C.), the Ransome Room, and empty classrooms, when feasible.

The schedule will be designed such that most students will have a mix of in-classroom and “remote” location classes each day (as opposed to spending one day on Zoom from a shared space on campus and one day in the classroom for all sections). Students will be in the classroom for each class at least two days a week, and teachers will be able to establish a fair rotation that meets the needs of the curriculum and pedagogy of the class.

Wednesdays will continue to be remote community days, where students will Zoom into class meetings, all-school programming, etc.

We will continue to offer remote academics for the rest of the school year for students who cannot or choose not to return to campus in person.

March 6-21, 2021: March Break

(Last updated March 3rd)

March break is scheduled for March 6-21. Houses will not be open during March break, and students will be expected to depart campus by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 5. Students should reach out to Annie Bailey with any questions or concerns about this timing. Understanding that it may be difficult for those who live far away to secure a guardian, we have established a relationship with the highly regarded company Gold Star, which can help families with any local guardianship and quarantining needs. For more information, see our February email to boarding families

 We look forward to returning to campus with as many students as we can safely accommodate. We urge everyone to make careful choices over break to maintain “quiet lives” and COVID-19 mitigation practices so our return to campus following the break is smooth and without interruption. We will begin the week following break with remote classes to ensure that everyone has time to enter our testing protocol and STAC 5 classes can begin for all in a similar way. 


(Last updated March 3rd)

STAC 5 classes will begin on Monday, March 22, and classes will be held remotely on Monday, March 22, and Tuesday, March 23. Wednesday, March 24 will be a remote community day with commitments for all students to attend virtual meetings. In-person classes will begin on Thursday, March 25.

Further details about class location and attendance schedule, lunch schedule, and testing schedule will be shared by Friday, March 5. In-person students will use this information to know how to attend their classes — whether they go to the classroom or Zoom in from a set location — for the first days of class. If their teachers give them alternative instructions or attendance schedules for their classes, students will follow the teachers’ guidance.

We expect all students to be present in the classroom on their assigned day(s). They will be marked absent if they are not in the classroom when assigned. Students who are “remote” on campus may Zoom from their assigned space, an empty classroom, or a socially distanced outdoor location. Boarders may Zoom from their rooms or house common rooms. Students Zooming from campus are expected to have their cameras on and participate in class. If they need help finding a location where they can do that, they should seek assistance from the Academic Office. 

Students will Zoom from spaces on campus with other students who are not in the same class. This will increase the ambient sound in these spaces; it will be necessary for all students to bring their own headphones (preferably with an attached microphone) each day to campus. We also encourage students to have an extra set of headphones available in case they forget their primary pair. Students receiving financial aid are invited to contact the Financial Aid Office if they need help purchasing headphones.

We will continue to monitor and adjust the schedule of four in-person days throughout STACs 5 and 6 and will make modifications to support community health and safety as well as the quality of the academic and social experience as needed.

Visual & Performing Arts

(Last updated March 3rd)

The Visual Arts Department will continue to support in-person and remote students by providing supplies where necessary and designing coursework and experiences accessible to students in both modes.

The Performing Arts Department is following state and local guidelines and the guidance of EH&E to determine the mode of its programming:


  • No singing or playing of wind or brass instruments is allowed indoors and in the presence of other people.
  • Music rooms must be reserved for use, and students must respect the start and end times of their sessions, to ensure proper air exchange between instrumentalists.  
  • Students who have not reserved a room should contact the Administrator on Duty (AOD) at (978) 831-2946 for access.
  • Students using rooms for instrument lessons or practice must follow all posted risk-mitigation guidelines including chipping in, sanitizing, and masking. Only students whose instruments are played by mouth (this includes singing) should unmask for their lessons or practice.
  • Students on campus during their ensemble time will be assigned an individual room from which to participate in the virtual ensemble.
  • Six feet of distancing must be maintained at all times.


  • Students will be assigned a work space within the dance studio to maintain 6-foot distancing at all times.
  • Students must follow all posted risk-mitigation guidelines including chipping in, sanitizing, and masking.
  • Students must respect the start and end times of their classes, and clear the space between classes, to allow for proper air exchange.


  • Students must maintain 6-foot distancing at all times. Because of the elevated risk caused by projecting, some activities will be modified to be virtual or more distanced than usual.
  • Students must follow all posted risk mitigation guidelines including chipping in, sanitizing, and masking.
  • Students must respect the start and end times of their classes and clear the space between classes to allow for proper air exchange.