Dean of Students

At the core of the CA experience is a deep investment in cultivating enduring, meaningful human relationships.

Position Overview

The Dean of Students serves as the primary advocate for students at Concord Academy and is responsible for all non-academic, student-related matters. The Dean’s work is rooted in establishing a vibrant and healthy school and student culture in support of the school’s mission, in particular, upholding the school’s foundational value of Common Trust and promoting the work of striving for equity.

The opportunity to serve as Concord Academy’s next Dean of Students is a tremendous one for an energetic individual who revels in supporting the personal growth and well-being of adolescents and is personally invested in boarding school life. CA’s diverse student population, 60% day students and 40% boarding, requires a Dean of Students who has gained strong experience in a student-facing role.

The Dean is a central and visible figure in the daily life of students. As such, the Dean is able to influence the ethos of the school through their interactions with, and programming for, students. In this way, CA is looking for an administrator who is passionate about adolescent development and who can serve as a culture-shaper on campus.

The Dean is also a pivotal actor in promoting equity through their work, decision-making, and treatment of students. As head of the student wellness practice, the Dean should be able to emotionally connect with students. By developing relationships, as well as systems needed to implement protocols, the Dean will demonstrate the value of a strong mental health care ethic as CA continues to re-entry from the effects of COVID-19. As head of the student disciplinary process, the Dean must be guided by empathy, compassion, transparency, and fairness, and work collaboratively with the CA community to help implement innovative forms of discipline that promote justice, healing, and learning. Through programming, leading by example, and the administration of an equity-minded, consistent disciplinary process, the Dean and all adults at CA support Common Trust.

CA’s diverse community is deeply engaged in dialogue, introspection, and listening, as it wrestles with the continuing divides that exist in our country — and at CA — surrounding race, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, and other dimensions of diversity that arise. The Dean of Students is critical in this effort and must work closely with the Director of Community and Equity to build a culture of inclusion, belonging, and equity, and develop cultural competency throughout the community.

You may direct any questions via email to or by phone at 415-881-7105.