CA Gives: Volunteer with the Annual Fund

Anytime, Anywhere Opportunities

Make an impact any time of year, on your own time.

  • Share a CA Gives message on social media­ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Forward an email appeal to 5-­10 classmates.
  • Review a list of classmates to help update contact information and potential volunteers.

Ongoing Opportunities

Volunteer for a few months or more. See your impact grow throughout the year.

  • Ask classmates to join you in making a gift to the Annual Fund.
  • Attend an Alumnae/i Annual Giving Committee or CAYAC meeting to brainstorm new  ways to reach alumnae/i.
  • Lend your name by signing an Annual Fund letter or email.

One-day Opportunities

Maximize your impact during a one-­time event.

  • Attend a Connect­a­thon:­ a weeknight, social get ­together in Boston, while connecting  and asking other classmates for an Annual Fund gift on your device of choice ­ phone,  laptop, tablet, etc.
  • Return to campus to speak to current students about the importance of giving back.