The Alumnae/i Community and Equity Committee extends the diversity and equity conversations that have been hosted and encouraged on campus by the Community & Equity team to include the school’s alumnae/i.


Their goal is to include all of our extended school community in this work for the benefit of both students and alumnae/i.  The work of this committee includes:

  • Identifying segments of the alumnae/i population that are under-represented in their engagement with CA, and exploring ways to connect with them.
  • Gathering information about what those groups might want or need from the school, especially on-campus activities, regional events or networking.
  • Inviting alumnae/i to help the C&E team consider areas—program, personnel, or otherwise—that the school might address as it continues to improve its awareness of the experience of students who might feel marginalized at CA.
  • Reaching out to alums who are engaged in social justice work, or whose personal stories would add value to our discussions, as we explore the varied cultural identities within the community. Our intent is to connect those graduates with current CA students either as C&E program speakers or mentors/resources.