Concord Academy’s 2018–19 Annual Report


For nearly 100 years, CA has been a leader in progressive education, honoring each student as an individual, and inspiring all to see learning not as an achievement, but as a lifelong pursuit. And for nearly 100 years, we have been renewed by our mission and our people — we are a community that has become known for its remarkable generosity.

We have also become known as a community that, in its everyday actions and traditions alike, lives its mission. Last spring, we decided it was time to revisit our mission to ensure it accurately reflected not only who we are, but also who we want to become.

What does it mean to “love learning”? What does it mean to be a community that is “striving for equity”? And what do we mean by “common trust”? These words call upon us to care for and attend to one another as individuals; to contribute meaningfully and to opt into constructively building our community, day by day; and to love the journey as much as the answers we find along the way.

The resulting revised mission statement is one of which we are deeply proud; and, in a world that can seem lacking in hope, it is one that we believe will renew us for years to come. If we strive to live according to our mission, we will not only knit together this community, but also develop the skills and attitudes that will enable us to contribute to the world beyond this community.

Former headmaster David Aloian once reflected on the value of secondary schools like CA. Speaking of disciplines, he said, “They are ends in themselves, for without them, without science, without history, without art, in short, without learning, there is no kind of life worth living.” He concluded simply, “Learning gives quality and depth to life; without it there is no joy possible.” You need look no further than the pages of this annual report to know that we are a community where learning and joy abound.

In recent years, through partnerships with generous donors from the CA community, we have significantly increased our endowment, built a strong and growing financial aid program, and invested in major improvements to our campus. This support has grown not by accident but with intention. Every gift has been an expression of faith in these values, every dollar an assertion that what we do here matters.

You will find the names of those who have made this possible in the pages that follow. Over the years, the support of our donors has expanded to meet the evolving needs of our school. Our donors see in CA the very same thing that our founders saw almost 100 years ago: curious, passionate students working with caring, dedicated teachers. This annual report is one small way of voicing our gratitude for those who have helped to make this possible.

Thank you. It is something we cannot say enough: Thank you for making CA’s prospects exceptional. We are deeply grateful.


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Fay Lampert Shutzer ’65
President, Board of Trustees

Head of School 1
Richard G. Hardy
Head of School
Dresden Endowed Chair

Concord Academy Donors & Volunteers

At CA, every voice matters, and every gift carries a unique story. In so many ways, this is a place where singular contributions come together to make a meaningful difference.

Your support renews and expands the opportunities that define the CA experience. Your gifts take many forms — as advisors sharing your experience with students, as volunteers, as audience members listening attentively to seniors in the Chapel, and as benefactors.

We thank you for all you do for Concord Academy — your generosity inspires us as a community and gives life to our mission.

The 2018-19 CA Annual Fund

Where The Dollars Came From

Where The Dollars Went

CA is a community that strives to bring out the best in every student. How do we do this? We start each day, each class, each project, each rehearsal, and each practice with the belief that, given the resources to learn, every person on this campus has the capacity to lead. Our distinctive approach to education is only possible because hundreds of stakeholders come together to invest in our young people — giving them the tools and the confidence to shine their light for the benefit of all.

Every year, we take a leap of faith, knowing that tuition revenue and the draw from our endowment won’t cover all of CA’s fundamental expenses. The Annual Fund is the renewable glue that keeps CA whole and strong. In 2018–19, the Annual Fund delivered 11 percent of CA’s operating budget.

Name any aspect of life at CA, and you can be assured that the Annual Fund helps to make it possible. All of this is only possible because of you!

Learn more about the CA Annual Fund.

The CA Endowment

Our endowment is an enduring bedrock of our budget: the gifts that sustain us over decades. In 2018–19 alone, it provided more than $3 million to support our core operations, making it the workhorse that supported our financial aid grants, fueled professional development opportunities, maintained our buildings, and so much more. CA is able to flex its independent muscles because of the gifts that have grown our endowment over decades. Our distinctive DNA will thrive in perpetuity because of the generous financial foundation we continue to build, together.

The recent growth in our endowment is not only impressive but also mission critical. You have set us on a path to imagine a future when we can moderate tuition increases, grow our financial aid program, and further invest in our faculty.

See our list of named endowed funds.

The Centennial Campaign for Concord Academy

Through The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign, CA alumnae/i, parents, and friends have generously supported capital and endowment initiatives. It is easy to see and feel how your contributions have already begun to lift the CA experience for every student, teacher, advisor, and coach. Our campus now better reflects the strength of our program, and our endowment is on a path to deliver a level of support necessary for the school to live its mission to the fullest.

We are humbled by your overwhelming response and thank you for your belief in our future. We are in the midst of an incredible movement for our school community.

Together, we are making important strides. Together, we are transforming lives. Together, gift by gift, we are building a truly remarkable and sustainable future for CA.

Please view the annual report in its entirety below.