Concord Academy’s 2019–20 Annual Report


In a year that challenged every expectation, this school’s guiding light shone true.

What motivates our work, our actions, our choices, our approach to education? We are here to challenge students to define themselves and pursue their truest potential. This is our purpose. Every year, we build a community of very different individuals who come together with a shared understanding of what it means to be part of CA. We count on the creativity and compassion of our educators, and on the curiosity and conviction of our students.

During the 2019–20 school year, with our mission as our guide, students and teachers met the challenges of a sudden shift to distance learning amid a pandemic with flexibility and care. They reached out in new ways, developed solutions to bring our community closer, and turned the isolation of individual screens into opportunities for connection.

We return again and again to this purpose, our north star. For it is in nurturing our students’ promise that we live up to CA’s highest values.

Concord Academy Donors & Volunteers

During the 2019–20 school year, 1,553 donors contributed generously to create the conditions necessary for CA students to thrive. Annual Fund donors influenced the lives of 399 students and the dedicated teachers and staff invested in their growth — both on campus and in virtual settings. When unexpected events presented urgent needs, you delivered exactly what was required. You provided stability, confidence, and hope. These gifts are impossible to quantify.

In a year marked by unprecedented challenges, Concord Academy received an outpouring of generosity from our Annual Fund donors around the world. Thanks to all of you, we exceeded our $3 million goal, providing extraordinary support for our school and our students.

The 2019–20 CA Annual Fund

Where The Dollars Came From

Where The Dollars Went

We are a community that strives to see, serve, and encourage each student for who they are and who they can become. We approach each day, class, rehearsal, lab, and practice with the belief that, given the resources to learn, everyone who is part of CA has the ability to lead. In supporting this promise, we take a leap of faith every year, knowing that tuition revenue and the draw from our endowment will not cover all of CA’s fundamental expenses. We count on the Annual Fund to fill the gap.

Name any aspect of life at CA, and you can be assured that the Annual Fund helps to make it possible. All of this is only possible because of you!

Learn more about the CA Annual Fund.


The CA Endowment

Concord Academy’s endowment is an enduring and reliable bedrock of our operating revenue. In 2019–20, investments that make up CA’s endowment provided more than $3 million to fund the school’s core functions and programs, including financial aid grants; compensation and professional development for teachers, advisors, coaches, and staff; and maintenance of our buildings and grounds.

Sixty-six years ago, forward-looking CA donors saw the strength of institutions with endowments built over time to match their missions. With conviction, they took action to establish a financial foundation for a school destined to accomplish great things. CA will be able to chart its own course and live up to its promise when our endowment grows, providing a greater proportion of our annual operating needs. Only then will we be able to reduce dependence on tuition revenue, expand our financial aid program, and optimize conditions for deep learning to benefit all in CA’s orbit.

Thanks to generous alumnae/i, parents, and friends, what was once a distant vision is now a picture in clear view.

See our list of named endowed funds.

The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign

Through The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign, CA alumnae/i, parents, and friends have generously supported capital and endowment initiatives. It is easy to see and feel how your contributions have already begun to lift the CA experience for every student, teacher, advisor, and coach. Our campus now better reflects the strength of our program, and our endowment is on a path to deliver a level of support necessary for the school to live its mission to the fullest.

We are humbled by your overwhelming response and thank you for your belief in our future. We are in the midst of an incredible movement for our school community.

Together, we are making important strides. Together, we are transforming lives. Together, gift by gift, we are building a truly remarkable and sustainable future for CA.

Learn more about The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign.

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