Concord Academy’s 2020–21

Annual Report of Generosity and Volunteerism

In supporting one another, we found new ways to be creative.

What truly set this year apart was the new meaning we found in partnership—in the essentially human, living endeavor that is our school. As we prioritized one another’s safety and well-being, we discovered new ways to teach and learn. Our schedule shifted to make a CA education work for students around the globe. Technology mediated our experience to an unprecedented degree; it also lowered some of our usual barriers.

We came to rely on one another at both individual and institutional levels as never before. In a year defined by reciprocity, the contributions of so many strengthened CA, just as so many individuals found community and purpose while engaging with this institution.

The myriad ways in which we sought and sustained connections with one another speak to CA’s values, and they promise extraordinary things for our future.

The 2020–21 CA Annual Fund

Concord Academy donors and volunteers: we are humbled by your love for CA and profoundly grateful for all you contribute to sustaining our school.

During the 2020–21 school year, 1,623 donors joined together to exceed our $3 million Annual Fund goal. At a time of financial challenge for so many, this surge of investment in day-to-day life at CA is truly humbling. 

You kept CA the vibrant, inquisitive, affirming school we love. You voiced your confidence in the fullness of a CA education. You provided stability. You met our need. And you directly improved the lives of 400 students and the dedicated teachers and staff who are so invested in their well-being and growth.

Our relationships are critical to our success. We could not have reached this goal without the dedication of the many volunteers—trustees, alumnae/i, parents, faculty, and staff—who spearheaded this effort. And we could not be CA without your support.

Annual Fund Donors

The Annual Fund is essential to everything we do. Every year.

What would CA be without small classes? Student life events? Opportunities for our passionate educators to grow professionally? Without the benefit of learning from powerful assembly speakers? Or without the Junior Leadership Retreat, where the next generation of student leaders embrace their responsibility to their fellow students and their opportunity to be change makers?

Concord Academy’s Annual Fund supports all of this—and so much more. Our annual fundraising effort is critical to covering CA’s operational expenses, which tuition revenue and the draw from our endowment are not enough to meet. We rely on our community to bridge the gap. Each and every year. 

This was especially critical during a year when we took on significant extra costs due to the pandemic. The Annual Fund helped keep our school healthy and whole. 

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The CA Endowment

Investing in CA’s endowment allows us to live our values.

In 2020–21, income from CA’s endowment provided more than $3 million—fully 12% of our planned budget. These resources funded core operations and programs, including financial aid grants, faculty and staff compensation, professional development, and maintenance of CA’s buildings and grounds. Today, we benefit from six decades of endowment growth, a true partnership across generations. The importance of CA’s endowment to the school’s future cannot be overstated. Only with a strengthened financial foundation will we continue to chart our course guided by our values. As our endowment grows, we will be able to increase access for talented students from all backgrounds, we will continue to attract and support exceptional educators who challenge and inspire our students, and we will advance the programs that define CA’s unique culture.

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The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign

The Concord Academy Centennial Campaign Logo Type

Thanks to the foresight, wisdom, and generosity of our Centennial Campaign Steering Committee, we are poised to build upon the best of CA as we begin our school’s second century. We are indebted to the forward-looking volunteers and donors whose contributions to our endowment and campus have set us on a path to realize CA’s mission to its fullest potential. During the 2020–21 year, inspiring commitments from champions around the world and across generations signaled strength and confidence in CA’s future.

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