Practice Schedule - Concord Academy

Team Sports – Monday- Friday:

3:30-5:30 PM Moriarty Athletic Complex (shuttle times follow)

Varsity Baseball
3:05 depart/ 5:30 return

BV Lacrosse (Class of 2012 field) & GV Lacrosse (Class of 2011 Field)
3:15 depart/ 5:40 return

Tennis Schedule at Moriarty – BJV Tennis off on Monday.

3:15-4:45 PM Early Slot
GV Tennis (M/T/F) & BV/ BJV Tennis (W/Th)
3:05 depart/ 4:45 return

4:45-6:15 PM Late Slot
BV/ BJV Tennis (M/T/F) & GV Tennis (W/Th)
4:35 depart/ 6:15 return

*Music Monday shuttle departs at 4:10
*Train commuters depart Moriarty Complex to depot on 5:20 shuttle as needed.

3:15-5:15 PM Main Campus
Softball (Wallis Upper Field)
Ultimate Frisbee (Middle Field)
Track (Emerson Park Track, Wrestling room, Fitness Center. JV court in gym 3:15-4:15)

Sailing Schedule – Off On Monday

3:45-5 PM T-F (Courageous)
3:10 depart/ 6:15 return

IM/ PE Classes – Monday-Friday:

IM Squash (SHAC)
W/Th 3:15-4:45

IM Tennis (main campus)
T/W/Th 3:15-4:15

Life Fitness (SHAC)
T/Th 3:15-4:15

Running & Conditioning (SHAC)
T/W/F 3:15-4:15

Individual Strength & Conditioning (SHAC)
pending student free periods

Community Service (meet at Ops Barn at 3)
M/ Th 3:30-5:00 3:15 depart/5 return

Meditation, Mindful Movement & Strength Training (Great Room)
M/W 3:15-4:45