What CA Means to Me 2

What CA Means to Me


At Concord Academy, there is no model student, no one path. CA is a high school for individuals to pursue and cultivate their passions, within a supportive, structured environment. Depending upon who you ask, CA means many different things. Here, a few of our students tell you what CA means to them.


Vedika Sharma ’20

Day Student – Newton Centre, Mass.

“The teachers at CA truly care about the success of each individual student.”

Selina Jiang ’19

Boarding Student – Shanghai, China

“I have met people from all different perspectives and backgrounds that challenged my thinking and motivated me to dig deeper into social justice.”

Diana Sanchez '19

Boarder – Bronx, N.Y.

“I learned that I'm more of a risk-taker than I thought.”

Haley Wixom '20

Day – Concord, Mass.

“One of my favorite things about CA is the tremendous amount of activities students are able and encouraged to pursue.”

Liat Tesfazgi '20

Day – Somerville, Mass.

“I was drawn to CA because of its atmosphere — I loved the sense of community that was clearly integral to the school both socially and academically.”

Lucian Sharpe '20

Day – Concord, Mass.

“After being at CA for two years I can say that common trust is present in all aspects of life at Concord.”

Anna Sander '20

Day – Lincoln, Mass.

“At CA, I love the option of crafting my schedule to focus on classes I especially want to take.”

Elizabeth Mulgrew de Laire ‘19

Day - Carlisle, MA

“My favorite aspect of being a student at Concord Academy is the freedom I have to do the things that interest me. ”

Mira LaRocca ‘20

Day - Concord, MA

“Having the freedom to learn about what you’re interested in is a privilege most high school students don’t get. ”

David Korn ‘19

Day - Waban, MA

“The best class I've taken has been Kim's class on Monotheistic religions. It was a perfect blend of current events and historical analysis.”

Ashley Kim ‘19

Boarder - Seoul, South Korea

“CA has offered me an amazing experience that I couldn't even thought of before coming to CA.”

Gabriella Kennealy ‘19

Day - Lexington, MA

“I chose CA because of the sense of community I felt when I visited campus for the first time.”

Rony Fernandez ‘19

Boarder - Cicero, IL


Isabelle Charles ‘19

Boarder - Milton, MA

“I chose CA because of not only the academic rigor and the endless exposure to opportunities but, also for the community.”

Kate Bacigalupo ‘20

Boarder - Hamilton, MA

“I really value discussion-based learning and the use of primary source materials”

Gabriella Kennealy ‘19



Jason He ’19

Boarding – Beijing, China

“CA provides me such great opportunities to connect my seemingly distinct interests.”

Jordie Hurley ’18

Day – Newton Highlands, Mass.

“Sign up for things, and get as involved as possible in the community. There are so many amazing clubs with passionate students at their cores.”

Anmol Goraya ’18

Boarding – Nashua, N.H.

“It's okay to take chances in high school. ”

Stefano Amador ’19

Boarding – West Roxbury, Mass.

“I have the freedom to learn about things I'm passionate about.”

Mary Louisa Jones ’18

Boarding – New Braintree, Mass.

“CA has taught me to be passionate and go after the things I love.”

Keshav Narra '18

Day – Lexington, Mass.

“At CA, I discovered my passion for government and politics.”

Aaron Carrasco '18

Boarding – Bronx, N.Y.

“Taking photos has taught me to go to places that I would otherwise never have gone.”

Serina Oh '20

Boarding – Seoul, South Korea

“At CA, I’ve become more and more confident in what I say.”

Jamie Aciukewicz ’18

Day – Harvard, Mass.

“CA gives high school students a unique opportunity to pursue all our interests, rather than having to pick and choose. ”

Izzy Balson ’18

Day – Newton, Mass.

“I was drawn to CA first and foremost by the community.”

Emily Marquis ’18

Day – Burlington, Mass.

“I love how common trust creates a mutual respect between all members of the community.”

Monica Roy ’18

Day – Belmont, Mass.

“I had never been so engaged in a class or fascinated by what I was learning before I came to CA.”

Ben Zide ’18

Day – Woburn, Mass.

“I count some of my teachers as my closest mentors. CA would not be the same without its dedicated and passionate faculty.”

Caitlin Timmons ’18

Lynnfield, Mass., and Belmont, Mass.

“I feel comfortable taking risks and challenging myself, because I know that there are people looking out for me who want me to succeed.”

Kaity Goodwin ’18

Day – Billerica, Mass.

“CA has really helped to shape my character and leadership abilities.”

Theo Nunez ’18

Boarding – Chicago, Ill.

“It was fun to work with my teacher to solve a problem together.”