Meet the Head Tour Guides 12

Jamie Aciukewicz ’18

Day – Harvard, Mass.

“CA gives high school students a unique opportunity to pursue all our interests, rather than having to pick and choose. ”

Izzy Balson ’18

Day – Newton, Mass.

“I was drawn to CA first and foremost by the community.”

Emily Marquis ’18

Day – Burlington, Mass.

“I love how common trust creates a mutual respect between all members of the community.”

Ben Zide ’18

Day – Woburn, Mass.

“I count some of my teachers as my closest mentors. CA would not be the same without its dedicated and passionate faculty.”

Caitlin Timmons ’18

Lynnfield, Mass., and Belmont, Mass.

“I feel comfortable taking risks and challenging myself, because I know that there are people looking out for me who want me to succeed.”