Surprising Truth #5 - Concord Academy
Surprising Truth #5 2

Their first day here, students are calling teachers by their first names.

Years after Commencement, no matter where they are, our graduates maintain close ties to the CA community.


Most everyone goes by first names here. It’s a sign of the trust and respect we have for one another and the connections we forge as a community. Students and teachers have conversations that go beyond that week’s quiz or assignment. Our teachers come to know students’ interests and dreams. They give students the tools, resources, and guidance to grow and thrive. The CA community is shaped by something we call common trust. It creates a welcoming, optimistic atmosphere where cliques don’t exist, where we encourage each other to do our best and pick each other up if we fall, where we can truly be ourselves.


Concord Academy students meet individually with their advisors once a week, creating a powerful mentoring relationship.

Surprising Truth #5
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