Surprising Truth #4 - Concord Academy
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There’s no labeling our students.

One word is not enough to capture their wide-ranging interests.


Athlete? Scholar? Musician? Volunteer? For our students, “all of the above” is the most likely choice. Because we encourage our students to try new things, it’s not unusual for them to branch off in unanticipated ways. We’ve seen athletes take an introductory photography class on a whim—and have it blossom into a lifelong passion. We’ve had biology teachers inspire careers in students who initially didn’t think they were good at science. We’ve watched a math whiz who never liked sports become a nationally ranked marathon runner. Our students are involved in varied pursuits, not because they feel obligated, but because they have a true passion and interest in the world around them.


With 200+ courses, 27 athletic teams, and 70+ clubs, opportunity abounds in all areas.

Surprising Truth #4
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