Surprising Truth #1 - Concord Academy
Surprising Truth #1 5

Some of our most unforgettable learning happens beyond the classroom.

Whether it’s around town or in another country, our teachers bring students to fascinating places.


Our U.S. history classes head a few blocks off campus to the bridge that was witness to the Revolutionary War’s first victory in 1775. Our English classes amble around Walden Pond in the footsteps of Henry David Thoreau and visit the homes of Louisa May Alcott and Ralph Waldo Emerson — all within walking distance of Concord Academy. We pile in for the quick drive to Boston, where we enrich our learning through the city’s performing arts, world-class museums, and medical centers. We’ve also helped build libraries in Nicaragua, gotten a behind-the-scenes look at Google in Silicon Valley, and practiced Mandarin in China. Such off-campus experiences are an integral part of the curriculum — bringing learning to life and real life to learning.


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Surprising Truth #1
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