International Applicants

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Please complete the request information form as soon as possible to ensure that you are in our database and that you will receive information from CA.


While an interview is not required, it is strongly recommended for international students.  Because we do not offer ESL nor other forms of formal English language support, we request that applicants be able to demonstrate English language proficiency prior to arranging an interview.

We conduct interviews from late September through the end of January. Recognizing that distant families’ schedules are less flexible than those of local families, we reserve Saturday interview spots for boarders. Interviews fill up quickly—the sooner you call us, the more likely we are to be able to accommodate your visit request. Please notify us of your intentions to be in the area as soon as you begin making your school visit plans.

If you are unable to visit us on campus, we also offer online interviews at 9:00 a.m. EST on weekday mornings from October through the end of January.

To schedule a visit to campus or an online interview, please call us at 978-402-2250 or email us at .


To apply to CA, please use one of the following online common applications: the Gateway to Prep Schools application, The Association of Board Schools (TABS) application, and the SSAT application.

Have your parent or guardian submit the first part of the application (often called the Candidate Profile or Family Information Form) along with the application fee ($50 for students living in the US; $100 for students living overseas) as soon as you are sure that you would like to apply to Concord Academy (but no later than January 15, which is the deadline for the full application).

SSAT, ISEE, and PSAT Test Scores

Concord Academy requires results from standardized tests taken during your current school year. We will not consider results from tests taken after January 15.

If you are a prospective 9th or 10th grader, register for and take either the SSAT or ISEE. CA’s SSAT code is 2560. CA’s ISEE code is 220640. We do not have a minimum requirement for SSAT scores, but admitted students score at the 82nd percentile on average.

If you are a prospective 11th grader, register for and take the PSAT or SAT test. CA’s PSAT/SAT code is 220640.

TOEFL Test Scores

If English is not your primary language and/or if you have attended an English speaking school for less than three years, we require you to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language exam (TOEFL). On average, admitted students score 105 on the TOEFL. CA’s TOEFL code is 2255.

Letters of Recommendation

In September or October of the year you are applying to CA, speak to adult members of your school community about writing letters of recommendation on your behalf. We encourage these adults to submit their letters of recommendation after December 1 so that they may know you that much better when writing about you.

Please submit all application materials by January 15.