Media Arts at Concord Academy - Photography and Film
Media Arts 1

When we frame the world through a camera, we find new ways of looking at ourselves. From the darkroom to the film editing studio, careful manipulations of film and digital material afford opportunities for self-expression and communication.


Through a progressive series of courses and projects, CA students gain the technical understanding and conceptual drive to achieve fluency in the visual media of the 21st century.


Grounded in the history of the medium and the possibilities of film and darkroom craft, CA students can engage in black-and-white and color photography, film and digital. Experimentation is encouraged, and flexible assignments allow student to pursue personal interests. Critiques of work in progress help students place their own work in a cultural and historical context and provide feedback for their project’s growth toward a portfolio of cohesive work.

Media Arts 2



Concord Academy’s robust film program balances individual and collaborative work, preparing students for the practical realities of digital filmmaking. Film history serves as a guide to understanding the narrative structures that create engaging cinematic stories and the cinematographic and editorial decisions that give movies impact. Through exercises and projects, CA students get direct experience in writing, shooting, directing, and editing films, with opportunities to focus on narrative or documentary films and to collaborate on a semester-long capstone project. CA Films arranges screenings for the community and submits finished films to domestic and international film festivals. Most recently, a student project, MERGE, was featured at the Boston SciFi Film Festival and at Sci-Fi-London in 2016.