2D Studio - Concord Academy
2D Studio Arts

Still life, landscape, or the human figure — whatever the subject, students of the visual arts at Concord Academy acquire the technical, conceptual, and expressive skills of drawing and design to translate their visions into reality.


Whether exploring self-portraiture or abstract painting, intaglio prints or poster illustration, students in 2D studio arts courses learn the nuances of line, tone, texture, color, and composition. Start with canvas, paper, or a computer screen. There are any number of directions you could go.

Drawing and Painting

Pencil, pen, charcoal. Watercolor, acrylic, oil. Observation and imagination. From quick sketches to polished studies, students progress from abstract mark-making through still life, narrative approaches, landscape, portraiture, and self-portraiture to complex projects that require the articulation of a personal vision.

2D Studio Arts: Printmaking


Printmaking and Book Arts

Etching plates, carving blocks, and transferring impressions — intaglio and relief printmaking techniques open up an array of possibilities for artistic expression. Learn the fundamentals of drypoint and aquatint. Experiment with collographs or solarplate etching. Take what you’ve learned from making prints and extend that work on paper to bookmaking, collage, and the interplay between text and image.

Graphic Design

How can symbolism and typography work in tandem to create an iconic image? What are the essential elements of a visual identity? CA students of graphic design pick up tools and techniques that graphic designers use to create the logos, websites, posters, book and album covers, and magazines that surround us. They create designs for clients theoretical and real and discover the designer’s role as visual storyteller.