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Theater at Concord Academy

For some, it’s the satisfaction of a freshly constructed set before the first performance. For others, it’s stepping into another’s skin, feeling emboldened to inhabit a different life onstage. Theater develops the capacity to listen and respond collaboratively while bringing the whole of one’s personal experience to bear in the moment. Whatever draws you to the dramatic arts, you’ll be met with ample opportunities for developing your use of imagination, voice, and body.




Concord Academy’s Theater Program emphasizes creative collaboration. Knowing that individuals come to us with a wide variety of skills, we have designed our multi-tiered curriculum to meet students’ individual needs whatever their prior experience. Our formal classes are supplemented by open-audition productions that engage, challenge, and entertain our community.

Theater Courses

From first-level acting courses that emphasize improvisation and storytelling to intermediate courses in theater history, text interpretation and performance, and playwriting, as well as theater design and technology, CA’s theater courses prepare students to excel in theatrical experiences at CA and beyond. Advanced students have opportunities to create original experimental work within a small theater company, serve as dramaturges, designers, directors, or technicians for peers’ performances, or focus on any particular aspect of drama in independent work.

Theatrical Productions

CA stages three professionally directed mainstage productions each year, as well as second-stage productions including Directors Workshop performances. Students are invited to audition for a wide range of theater projects, including dramas, comedies, musicals, and experimental works from around the globe.