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Modern and Classical Languages

Chatting in a café in Paris or a host family’s kitchen in Madrid. Setting foot in the Roman Coliseum or Beijing’s Forbidden City. Or keeping up with a friend from Frankfurt. The world language you study at Concord Academy could take you to places that haven’t yet crossed your mind.


Modern and Classical Languages at Concord Academy


Adam Bailey, Modern and Classical Languages Department Head
Annie Falk
Modern and Classical Languages Department Head
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While schools across the U.S. are scaling back their language programs, CA remains committed to world languages as part of a 21st-century education. Our approach is practical, focused on proficiency — from speaking to reading, translating to writing, we want students not just to know the language but to use it.

We offer instruction in four of the world’s major modern languages — Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese — as well as in Latin. By making ample use of current technology in our teaching, we keep languages vibrant and meet students where they are communicating. In the classroom and through online resources and extracurricular activities, our students learn to think and engage in other languages. Many choose to spend a spring break, a semester, or a year studying abroad. In doing so, they come to understand other cultures from the inside, and find firm footing for presenting their ideas in our international society.