Mathematics Department - Concord Academy

What if you learned trigonometry by modeling the relative sizes of objects in a photo? Or statistics by studying the psychology of decision-making? At Concord Academy, our experienced and passionate mathematics teachers challenge students to think critically and to learn by engaging in the world around them.


Mathematics Department at Concord Academy
Mark Engerman, Mathematics Department Head
Mark Engerman
Mathematics Department Head
(978) 402-2321


Our course progression emphasizes a logical and intuitive development of mathematical techniques that opens the door to experiencing the creative aspects of mathematical thinking, as well as the power to solve everyday problems.

By providing numerous pathways through the math curriculum, we meet individual students at their levels of prior experience and interest. All students at Concord Academy learn data analysis, a crucial numeracy skill for the 21st century, and thanks to our flexible approach, most exceed departmental requirements. Older students might take college-level calculus, or use economic tools to analyze rent control. Future engineers channel their curiosity in very advanced classes, such as abstract algebra and number theory. You might find juniors together outside of class working on mathematical games and puzzles, or seniors competing at the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament. At CA, we appreciate math’s foundational role in scientific study, and we approach the discipline collaboratively and creatively. We’ve found that curiosity can be one of our greatest tools.