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Where do we encounter history outside a textbook? At Concord Academy, we don’t have far to look. Sometimes it’s a canoe trip down Concord’s rivers, or a collaboration with nearby universities to analyze an archeological dig. Sometimes it’s unearthing original documents from the town’s colonial archives. Or standing on the battlefield, a stone’s throw from campus, where the shot that started the American Revolution was fired. Few schools can offer such direct access to America’s rich social, political, and intellectual history. Our home — the town of Concord, itself — is one of our most valuable learning tools.


History at Concord Academy
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CA’s history curriculum also extends far beyond our own location. Students can delve into the cultural traditions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, from the ancient world to modern economies. In every history course at CA, we read both primary and secondary texts — classics of the discipline, as well as the latest scholarship — and take advantage of a wide array of resources to bring the past into the classroom.

While coming to understand U.S. society and its institutions, as well as other cultures around the world, students develop skills in research, critical analysis, and written and oral expression. They also gain a historically informed perspective on the present, as we encourage students to be active, thoughtful, and engaged global citizens. At CA, students come to understand the significance of what’s come before — not just what happened.