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To question, consider, and debate. To read perceptively, write clearly, and argue persuasively. To experience life through the eyes of others, and articulate our own thoughts with care and nuance. These are just some of the skills Concord Academy students develop by studying English during every semester of their CA education.


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Ayres Stiles-Hall
English Department Head
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Students’ ideas bring our English classrooms alive. Discussions transport us. Our ninth and tenth grades read a common set of texts drawn from ancient and modern classics of world literature, sharing in a rigorous, core reading experience. In the eleventh and twelfth grades, CA students pursue highly specialized, college-level electives. Beyond the classroom, opportunities for writing abound, in a variety of thriving writing clubs and in student-run publications.

Thanks to our location in Concord — the very town where Emerson, Thoreau, Alcott, Hawthorne, and Fuller transformed the American literary tradition — we offer our students unique firsthand access to the legacy of the 19th-century transcendentalists. In addition to classroom examinations of American and world literature — from the Bible to James Baldwin, Shakespeare to Ha Jin, Tolstoy to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie — students spend time mastering writing as a craft, honing essays, and exploring poetry and creative prose. This firm grounding in analysis and effective expression serves our graduates well in college and in every endeavor that requires strong communication — that is, in all of life.