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Computer Studies 1

It’s no secret that computers have transformed the way we live and work — yet how many of us are rooted in the languages, systems, theories, and structures of the technologies that are shaping our world? At Concord Academy, you’ll find cutting-edge technology just about everywhere on campus. But access is only the beginning.


Computer Studies 2
Ben Stumpf, Computer Science Department Head
Ben Stumpf
Computer Science Department Head
(978) 402-2277


For students who dream of developing apps, writing new programming languages, or starting their own Web design firms, CA offers deep engagement in real-life scenarios. So you’ll have the tools to create that Photoshop masterpiece, just for fun — or be well-prepared to move on to schools like MIT and a career in technology.

From theory and coding to graphic and Web design, our approach to Computer Science is interdisciplinary, hands-on, and highly collaborative. We love that CA students bring passion to projects that excite them, and we recognize that some of the most creative work happens outside of class. Our expert faculty is available to guide and support informal exploration — in the computer lab before dinner, on a pair of laptops in the library, or in collaboration with other developers online. Teachers at CA are not afraid to try new things, and that’s vital in a field that will continue to shape our shared future in the years and decades to come.