2020 Year End Projects

Senior Projects

Anna Dormitzer: Kindness & Empathy in the CA Community (Part 1 & Part 2)

Are you looking for another dose of wisdom and wholesomeness from the class of 2020 before they graduate? I mean why wouldn’t you be? Check out my senior project on kindness and empathy in the CA community, and how those things forge the connection that is so strong amongst us.

Ben Faerman: Global Fermentation Methods

Curious about the history, cultural significance, and science behind global fermentation methods? Tired of cooking the same recipes and want to try new ones featuring fermented products? Check out this blog!

Ceci Crawford: Reducing Food Waste

Check out the link for a video about reducing food waste and an infographic created for this project. Want to see other infographics? You can check them out here and here!

Ellen Jennings: Screenplay Adaptation

Love the book Tangerine? Want to see a table read of a screenplay adaptation based on this book? Check out the video!

Liam Campbell & Lucian Sharpe: Designing & Creating a Minibike

Want a quick look at the minibike Liam and Lucian created? Check out the link above!

Lanie McLeod: Music Blog

Interested in reading about music, culture, and intersections between the two? Check out this blog!

Lily Gray: Mass Incarceration and its Effects on Women in Massachusetts

Are you interested in a deep dive into Mass Incarceration and the prison system in the United States? Please check out my presentation and listen to me talk about mass incarceration, racial caste, the Massachusetts prison system, the unique experience of incarcerated women, and one step I’m taking to enact change!

Marina He: Health Conditions Affecting Undocumented Immigrants, a research project

If you are interested in learning a little bit about the health conditions that undocumented immigrants are at risk of on their journey to the US from Central America and the health services that they have available once here, then check out this pamphlet!

Matt Zhou: Triple E Research

This project focuses on Triple E’s molecular pathogenesis and also its relation to the environment.

Meredith Benjamin & RJ Schechner: Jeopardy Game (based on research about sex education curricula)

Missed their live session? Click on the link above to read through Jeopardy questions based on information Meredith and RJ collected through their research. Curious to learn more? Reach out to Meredith and RJ for their list of resources and findings!

Mira LaRocca: Gender, Race, & Medical Intervention, A Syllabus

This spring I created a syllabus for a history class on Gender, Race, and Medical Intervention as my senior project! It will hopefully be taught by Emma not this coming year but the year after that (2021-22). If you’re interested in learning about your future history class, check out the presentation!

Nathaniel Coben & Oliver Clackson: A Visual Album

Check out original artwork and music created by Nathaniel and Oliver! Music can be found via SoundCloud as well here!

Sae Gleba & Nat Edmonds: Sustainability Cookbook

Want to learn about greenhouse gas emissions and its ties to cooking? Want to learn how to shift recipes to be more sustainable? Check out this cookbook!

Sameer Desai: Interactive Digital Exhibit

Check out the three interactive, virtual exhibits Sameer created! Lots of cool graphics and code!

Sara Goldstein: Painting CA Spaces

If you’re missing CA as much as me or just want to see some art, click this link to see some paintings of my favorite places on campus and why each is important to me.

Sky Cole & Abby Stapleton: Screenwriting, Animation, & Production

Back in January, Abby and I set out to turn a story we’d come up with into a TV pilot script, and make it come to life! While the result isn’t what we’d originally planned, attached you’ll find all of the odds and ends that is our adjusted senior project! We’ve included a presentation with some drawings and a documentation of our process, our edited table read with incredible voice acting by our cast and very cringy narration by me, the script, and this sort of… background guide? that we assembled if you’re curious about the lore of the world and the premise of the story 🙂

Sophia Pasalis: Screenplay on Isabella I of Castile

Interested in film, screenwriting, or history? Are you in need of entertainment? Check out this project – a screenplay on Isabella I of Castile.